Boiler and Central Heating grants

Boilers and Central Heating Grants


The Government is committed to reducing greenhouse gases in an attempt to slow down the effects of climate change and it is also committed to tackling fuel poverty.
In an effort to deal with both of these problems the Government is offering a boiler grant to qualifying households so that they can have an energy-efficient gas central heating boiler to replace an old boiler.

If you have:
1) a detached house (not attached to any other properties),
2) a property with cavity walls that need filling,
3) or a property with suspended wooden floorboards on the ground floor that can be insulated, and your boiler is 8 years old or older, then you could be eligible for a brand new Worcester Bosch boiler.

You must be an owner occupier to qualify for a new boiler. Landlords can get them in their own homes where they live.

You do not necessarily have to be on benefits to be eligible, however, if you are on any of the benefits listed in the form on this page, you will definitely qualify under the scheme. If you are not in receipt of any of the benefits, fill in the form and one of our experts will call you and let you know.

If your boiler grant is sufficient to cover the full cost of your boiler installation you will receive a FREE BOILER, if not you may be asked to contribute to the cost. Either way, you will NEVER have to pay back your boiler grant.

If you have an electrically heated property, that has never had a central heating system with radiators at your home, you could be entitled to a First Time Central Heating (FTCH) grant.

Fill in the form and one of our energy advisors will be in touch within 24 hours.
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