Landlord grants

Landlord Grants

Insulation Grants

There is 100% funding for grants available to improve energy efficiency in electrically heated properties including underfloor insulation, cavity insulation and loft insulation. There will be no contribution needed for these measures as long as the main heating source is electric.

Check out insulation grants for more information.

The funding is awarded to the tenant. So the properties must be tenanted in order to get the funding.

Landlord Grants

First Time Central Heating (FTCH) Grants

If the main heating is electric, and has never had a central heating system with radiators, there are grants for complete central heating systems that will be awarded through your tenants. So the properties must be tenanted in order to qualify.

The funding is allocated based on the size and construction of the property. Smaller properties may require a contribution for FTCH grants. For more information check out our First Time Central Heating (FTCH) section or fill in the basic form and one of our energy advisors will contact you within 24 hours.

For landlords private homes

If you are owner occupier of a gas heated detached house, there are other grants available such as Insulation Grants and New Boiler Grants if your boiler is older than 8 years old. See the Grants for Boilers and Central Heating (Homeowners, Tenants & Landlords) link for more info.

Central Heating Grants for Landlords Qualifying Criteria requires that the new central heating system is installed in domestic premises which do not currently and has never had a central heating system fitted before.

Fill in the form and one of our energy advisors will be in touch within 24 hours.